Blue Light Coalition

Who We Are:

Blue Light CoalitionThe Blue Light Coalition is a Pierce County, Wa. area community support organization comprised of caring community members, resource providers, law enforcement officials, and local area organizations dedicated to providing support to our community and law enforcement members affected by tragedy.


"The Blue Light Coalition develops partnerships to help build stronger and safer communities by educating youth and honoring our public protectors."

- Our Mission

Trooper Guy Gill & Ted E Bear - Tyee Park Elementary - April 17, 2013 "Thumbs Up Assembly"

Trooper Guy Gill & kids - Dower Elementary School "Thumbs Up" assembly - February 20th, 2014

G.R.I.E.F- Granting Respect Inspires Everyone Forever


The Thin Blue Line

Just yesterday you stood so bold
Against the dark, against the cold.
You fought the fight and, truth be told,
Your courage, it did shine.

You gave so much, then gave your all.
We wept to see you take the fall.
Yet we remain to take the call,
And walk the thin blue line.

We’ll carry on and take a stand,
Protect and serve across the land.
I’ll take a child’s trembling hand
And hold it safe in mine.

Forever we’ll remember you,
Our brother, sister, friend in blue.
And we’ll be strong till we see you
Somewhere down the line.

- by Detective Randi Goetz, Tacoma P.D.